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Felicia Dale at Emerald Lotus Events was INCREDIBLE! My wedding wouldn't have been possible without her help and coordination. Honestly, at first, I didn't think I needed it until I sat down with her and she explained to me all her services I knew I had to have her! She took all the stress away from me since day one! She allowed me to enjoy being a bride and take all of my wedding day in with my husband.

Don't second guess yourself with getting a wedding planner, trust me, you want one. Let Felicia do the work for you while you sit back, relax and be a bride!

-Tiffany M.

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The Perkins Vow Renewal was amazing, as were the other Emerald Lotus Events I've attended!!! You both are top notch professionals and have an obvious gift for this profession! You make me want to have a PARTY!! OUTSTANDING JOB

Amber R.

The Moses Fowler House

Brides and Grooms-to-be, let me tell you why you need Felicia and Emerald Lotus Events:

Our wedding was nearly two years in the making. We had Moses Fowler Mansion reserved. I had selected all our vendors. Everything was simple enough and straight-forward enough and planned thoroughly enough that we were good to go - or so I thought until I sat down with Felicia. She asked me questions that had NEVER even occurred to me like, "how are you handling breakfast for the bridal party the day of?" That seems like a simple task, but after realizing how not having an exact plan in place for quite literally everything could jack up the entire day's timeline, I realized how Felicia was a wedding saver. After our meeting, I left with a list of questions I needed to answer and provide to Felicia, and an understanding of why a coordinator is so incredibly crucial to a wedding. Before any of her real skills came into play, I was so happy to have Felicia on my side.

The day of the wedding came, and I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING but remember to breathe and enjoy the day. My bridal party and I were fed and hydrated by a tag-team of friends Felicia helped put into place. No one asked me where to put anything, no one asked me where to go, I didn't have to chase anyone around, no one demanded any of my time. I sat in the bridal suite, took my time, got into my dress, hung out with my girls, and even had some private one-on-one time with our little girl before the ceremony began.

The Moses Fowler House 2

After the ceremony, Felicia kept our photo session on time for dinner. She gently shuffled us along for toasts, cake cutting, the bouquet toss, our first dance, and all of these little special moments so that the older guests who needed to leave early in the evening could make it out without missing any memories. 

As many people told us before our wedding, don't sweat the small stuff because something will inevitably "go wrong." At our wedding, it was true; several extra reception guests arrived, and a sound system that failed, However, no one - including us - had any idea about it because Felicia was there. 

With all of the time, money, and effort spent investing in a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it is foolish to not invest a little extra time and money to ensure that your day will go as you'd always hoped it would. Felicia made our wedding dreams come true, and I am so incredibly thankful to her.

-Amie M.